New Class with myself and Mizu! Water Bodies: Noguchi Taiso + Somatic Butoh Practice

Water Bodies: Noguchi Taiso + Somatic Butoh Practice

Join Stephanie Lanckton and Mizu Desierto for a special 3 week series class combining the fluidity, physicality and embodied image practices of Noguchi Taiso and butoh.

December 2, 9 & 16; 7-10pm
7-8:20 Noguchi Taiso with Stephanie Lanckton 8:30-10 Somatic Butoh with Mizu Desierto

$15 Drop-in for 1 class $25 Drop-in for both classes $65 to register for all classes (to be paid by first class)

Noguchi Taiso is a method of Japanese bodywork, which was developed by Michizo Noguchi (1914-1998) and approaches the human body as a “kind of water bag in which bones, muscles and viscera are floating.” In Noguchi Taiso, the weight of our existence (bones, blood, viscera, thoughts, emotions) in relationship to gravity is what generates infinite possibilities of movement. In this class, we look to nature through; lines, spirals, waves, gravity and weight to explore how to stand, walk, fall, crawl, and roll in the Noguchi Taiso method. The benefits of Noguchi Taiso are discovered in developing a fluid, soft, relaxed body & mind and increasing internal/external sensitivity and receptivity, while other benefits are very unique to the individual. Honestly and truly sensing the weight of our existence through Noguchi Taiso can enhance the way we approach dance as well as everyday activities.

In the second part of the evening practice, we will explore the relationship of the water body to states of connectivity and empathy within the collective practice, moving between the realms of internal and external, dancing the microscopic realities of the H20 that is our very essence. The theme of the water body will be used to compose, improvise and become in a practice of engaged and creative butoh embodiment.

Stephanie Lanckton is a dancer, choreographer, teacher and life-long student. Her focus of exploration and performance is in Butoh and is influenced by Noguchi Taiso, Tai Chi and Qigong. Her introduction to Noguchi Taiso was in New York City where she attended an intensive Noguchi Taiso workshop taught by Imre Thormann. She continued her training with Mari Osanai, and in the summer of 2015, she traveled to Thormann’s home in Southern France for further immersive study.

Stephanie’s experiences with Butoh masters Akira Kasai, Ko Murobushi and Yukio Waguri have profoundly informed her understanding of Butoh. She performed in; Kasai’s Butoh America presented at the New York Japan Society in honor of Kazuo Ohno’s 101st birthday; Ko Murobushi’s Furnace which was the center piece performance of the 2009 New York Butoh Festival; and at Exit Performance Festival in Germany with Waguri. From 2008-2010 she was a core dancer with LEIMAY, a Butoh company based in Brooklyn. Stephanie has also trained with Butoh masters Natsu Nakajima, Atsushi Takenouchi, Hisako Horikawa, Tadashi Endo, Iwana Masaki, Eiko & Koma and Denise Fujiwara. She has a BA in Dance from Point Park College and is an alumnus of Interlochen Arts Academy.

Mizu Desierto is the Co-Founder and Artistic Director of Water in the Desert (WITD) and The Headwaters Theatre. She is a performer, choreographer and educator whose work explores themes of identity, truth, ecology and transformation. She has performed with Human Nature Dance Theatre (AZ), Harupin-Ha Butoh (S.F.), Yoshito and Kazuo Ohno (Japan), & Diego Piñon (Mexico) and her solo work has been presented nationally and internationally. Mizu’s artistic works have been commissioned by The City of Portland and Portland Center Stage and she is a frequent educator and choreographer for The Circus Project. In addition, her projects have received funding from the Arizona Commission on the Arts, Oregon’s Regional Arts & Culture Council, Oregon Arts Commission, Portland Development Commission, The Multnomah County Cultural Coalition & The Oregon Cultural Trust. As an educator, she has taught intensive courses through Prescott College (AZ) and Portland State University. Most recently she was awarded an artistic fellowship residency at Playa Summer Lake.