Noguchi Taiso classes as part of Butoh and Beyond: 8 week series

Noguchi Taiso has a great influence on my dancing and in my everyday life.  I am happy to share its many benefits to all those that come to my classes.  These classes are based on my time spent training with teachers and butoh dancers Mari Osanai and Imre Thormann.

Noguchi Taiso is not just for dancers, it welcomes all those interested in utilizing the weight of their bones, viscera, blood, and existence (thoughts, emotion, memories, hopes, desires, gratitude, regrets, etc) while cultivating a deeper relationship to the Earth we all call home.  The more weight you give to the Earth the more you receive in return.

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Sunset Sessions with Steph is in its R & D phase - stay tuned for more info!

Check out some recent sessions I've been experimenting with.  Sunset Sessions will begin 1 hour before each sunset, so there are no exact times to show up.  I will create a sunset image chart that will show when the sun will begin its change to what is called civil twilight (right after the sun sets).  These sunset charts will be sent out to those interested in attending the Sunset Sessions.